Hitting the target

RDZ PR take great pride in providing a seamless blend of razor-sharp strategy and genuine creativity. Our campaigns and projects are always original, appropriate and targeted directly at your specified audience to ensure that every action hits the mark first time, every time.
The down to earth team at RDZ PR has been successfully ‘doing’ PR for over 30 years, working across an incredibly wide range of industry sectors including professional services, energy, engineering, manufacture, fashion, jewellery, hotels and hospitality, private foster care, contemporary art and the charity sector.

What Our Clients Say…

We are often told by clients that our success (and therefore their success) is due to our incredibly flexible approach, pooled industry intelligence, experience and expertise. These elements together keep us fresh, focused and fiercely relevant to the companies with which we work.
It’s such a shame they didn’t mention our charming personalities and good looks too, but we can’t have everything…!

There’s no big secret to how we do it

We work hard and we don’t dumb things down. We spend time with our clients to establish a water-tight strategy with crystal clear objectives and we then integrate those across all relevant channels and mixed-media communication platforms.
Reporting back at regular and agreed intervals allows us to measure what is working brilliantly and identify what, if anything, needs to be changed to enhance results. Put simply, we are entirely transparent in all that we do and believe that the development of our working relationship will result in the success of your PR.

It’s not rocket science

It’s just great PR; and we are very good at it. No matter whether it is a simple local marketing strategy or a high-profile national conference we know what’s got to be done, by when and how to create the appropriate buzz.
Your public image depends on a good relationship with traditional media, online platforms and, of course, your customers. RDZ PR know the best way to develop all of those relationships to show you in your best light, making sure that the right people know about all of the great things you are doing.

FREE 2 Hour Consultation

To help you establish if a PR agency like RDZ PR could help you achieve your business goals we are offering a completely FREE 2-hour consultation during which we guarantee to give you at least three great ideas to take away and use.

To talk about what you’re looking for please call us today on 01509 813 913 or contact our Agency Director using this form.