How to Plan a Simple PR Campaign

Do you know how to plan a simple PR Campaign?

Whatever the time of year, it is always a good time to look at your business goals and objectives and see if you achieved them. If not, it’s time to plan a new campaign!

Brand Success in Sales Profit

we're in the newsDid you see the increase in sales and profit that you planned? Has your brand been at the forefront as you wished? If yes, then huge congratulations are in order. If not, what happened? It’s far too soon to be able to blame Brexit or the Trump effect, but learning from the good and the not so good can be hugely beneficial when creating your next twelve-month plan. After all few of us want to repeat mistakes.

Starting from a PR Point of View

It should begin with a clear set of agreed campaign objectives. Campaign objectives are a list of things you can measure and track that will show what success looks like for your business. Nothing more, nothing less. An example could look like this:

PR Campaign Objectives

  1. To significantly raise our profile across local and regional media
  2. To have a presence in the media of interest to our target market and clients
  3. To increase our impact in our trade or industry media
  4. To build relationships with the media including journalists and bloggers to become the first port of call when topics relevant to our products, services, and industry are being discussed
  5. To become known within our industry as thought leaders and to maximise on the opportunities this will present

Loud and Clear!

With a crystal-clear set of campaign objectives, it’s easy to create a focused and strategic, forward-looking PR plan. If this is your first PR Campaign and you would like some advice, give us a call on 01509 43 43 52 or book a FREE one hour introductory meeting to receive three easy actions to take away for your business.

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