One would like to announce…

This week we feature an important announcement from our sister company, The Awards People who help businesses significantly raise their profile through successful award-entry.


It’s that very exciting time of the year again; we can hardly contain our excitement at The Awards People HQ.  The Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2020 is now officially open!


The dates

The Award opened on 1st May 2019 and will close for entries at midday on 10th September 2019.  We cannot stress highly enough that there are NO deadline extensions on this award, ever!


The categories

There are 4 categories within The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, and these are;

  • International trade
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable development
  • Promoting opportunity through social mobility

Whilst much remains the same as in previous years, we’re told that there are some substantial changes being planned in the Sustainable Development category and we await final details which we will, of course, share as soon as we know.

Further info and application forms can be accessed via: and The Awards people are always available to answer any queries or provide the finer detail you may wish to know.  In fact we have a whole page dedicated to the award at


The opportunity

The pinnacle of awards success, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise presents opportunities which are seldom open to us mere business mortals.  Here’s just a small selection of the kind of things you can expect;

  • Invitation to a Royal reception
  • Presentation of your award by a Lord-Lieutenant (one of the Queen’s representatives)
  • Use of the Queen’s Awards emblem and permission to fly the Queen’s Award flag at your offices
  • Receipt of a ‘Grant of Appointment’ and a commemorative crystal trophy
  • Instant increase in company profile and new sales opportunities
  • Unprecedented ‘highs’ in terms of personal and employee morale
  • Networking events and introductions to die for!


The reality

Yes, this is a real biggie and the amount of work involved in the application should not be underestimated but it is most definitely do-able and most definitely worth it. Provided you don’t put yourself under extreme time pressure (what we are saying, subtly, here is don’t leave it all to the last minute) then it is a task which can be broken down into sections and made much less daunting with effective planning. What’s more, there are experts who can help…


The Awards People

As you may have already guessed, we are huge fans of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise here at The Awards People.  It’s not just the prestigious nature of the event which appeals to us; we’ve seen, first hand, the huge commercial advantage and real top-line boost which winners experience after receiving this accolade.  There really are few things quite like it in the business world and we applaud those who take part in the process and dare to dream…


With us it’s not simply a case of ‘all or nothing’ and we will assist to whatever degree suits you best. For example: –

  1. We can proof and edit an entry prepared by you
  2. We can write selected sections whilst your team writes others (like Section C – Commercial Performance, which your finance team / accountant might be able to tackle)
  3. We can do the entire entry for you and simply send you the completed sections to check and approve as we go along


The choice is entirely yours, but we always start with an honest and open conversation in which you can ask us any questions you have before you embark on this journey of excellence.  Get in touch today on 07976 806 578 or at