The Midlands Engine being driven by positivity

In yet another week where we are being bombarded with negative talk and images of disharmony, fractious relationships and inability to collaborate…

…yes, we speak of Brexit although we were determined not to mention the ‘B’ word so early – we thought it might be nice to look at a much more positive aspect of what happens when people work together, regardless of political persuasion.

What better subject to discuss than the Midlands Engine?  Described as ‘The heartbeat of Britain’s economy’, it’s a fabulous example of how progress can be made when faith and hard work are put to good use within a common cause.  Living in the East Midlands ourselves, we’re only too aware of some of the great advances being made in the region.  More and more often we hear of ‘hubs’ and ‘collectives’ within a number of market sectors; a virtual (and sometimes very real-life) coming together of skills and ideas to benefit individuals and businesses looking to make their mark within their chosen field.

From a social point of view too there is a greater feeling of pride in our major cities and an enjoyment of the facilities we now find at our disposal.  Whilst regeneration may have begun years ago (e.g. the birth of Curve and development of Highcross in Leicester being just two examples), we are sure we’re not alone in feeling that the pace of modernisation and extension of choice is picking up month after month. We’re only just getting to know some of the great venues we have at our disposal when, all of a sudden, we have even more to choose from – and it’s great!

Back to business.  The Midlands Engine is by definition “a coalition of Councils, Combined Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, Universities and businesses across the region, actively working with Government to build a collective identity, to enable us to present the Midlands as a competitive and compelling offer that is attractive at home and overseas”.  Now, this might include agenda items way above our pay grade such as the upgrading of the transport infrastructure, but one of the main areas of focus is the creation of an environment which maximises innovation and enterprise.  From our client list alone we can see many, many examples of both innovation and enterprise and, as you can imagine, we’re always encouraging those involved in the ‘evolution revolution’ to shout about it at every opportunity.

PR is, of course, our business and you would expect us to be sharing our clients greatness to the widest audience possible.  Regardless of our vested interest we do genuinely feel that it is currently (and unfortunately) very easy to get bogged down in the doom and gloom around us which would have us believe that productivity is nose-diving, confidence is at an all time low and companies are in disarray.  Let’s put to one side all the things we can’t have a direct effect on and remind ourselves that we are all part of a positively-changing landscape too; one which understands and celebrates the real value of the SME’s and of the quirky, idea-driven entrepreneurs who are undoubtedly going to change life for everyone in the future – and show us all the power of determination and tenacity as they do so.