Traditional PR v’s Online PR

For some the realm of online PR is still an area approached with fear, hesitation or downright contempt.  “How can a blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat help me to find more clients?  It’s just full of meaningless waffle!”

Well, yes there  is meaningless waffle aplenty out there… but it’s not just confined to online media.  Think of that newspaper or TV show that you just hate and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

traditionaldigitalprAs there is ‘bad’ so there is ‘good’.  ‘Good’ online PR has given us top tips and hints, made us aware of situations and opportunities that we would otherwise have been none the wiser about, and helped raise cutting edge brands and ideas to prominence through creative and incredibly cost effective social media platforms, blogs and online forums.

The strongest PR campaigns now usually utilise both traditional and online PR.  The traditional element is taken care of via press releases, comment into forward features, interviews with the media, the creation, circulation and follow up of press packs, provision of a Press Office function, as well as product launches, press visits etcetera.  The online PR piece combines social media, blogs, regular website updates and input into relevant and often powerful online forums.  Combine the two and you can have a very strong PR campaign indeed.  Integrating different platforms and medias will give you strength, flexibility and robustness to your campaign and, in my opinion at least, the only true way of getting that hard fought for ‘added value’.

Rather than question the value of Traditional PR v’s Online PR it’s time to embrace truly integrated campaigns that make use of the best and forget the rest.

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