What exactly IS PR

I am often asked what PR is exactly as for many it can be somewhat of an unknown science.

I can of course recite the list of tasks which RDZ, being a pro-active and hard-working PR partner, carry out on behalf of our clients but in truth the reality is that the overall result of these activities is far greater than the sum of the individual parts.

I prefer instead to think of RDZ PR creating a ‘virtual copy’ of our client, be they an individual or a company. Whilst the people we work with are busy with their day to day lives – work tasks, meetings, people management, IT issues, Health, Safety & Compliance requirements and, let’s not forget, family life too – we get on with formulating an image of all the very best bits and take it out there to represent the business in all the right places.

None of us can actually be in two locations at once (and by the way I’m not prepared to accept video conferencing as an exception to this!) so the opportunity to get in front of a target audience, whilst getting on with the actual work which makes you so successful in the first instance, is one which should not by any means be underestimated.

So yes, we do social media and awards nominations and networking and flyers and articles and adverts and events…….. (not by any means an exhaustive list but sometimes a very exhausting one!).  Much more importantly, however, we make sure our clients are fully and fabulously represented in the places where the people that matter are looking for them or someone just like them.