Which kind of businesses benefit most from PR

Wow, that might just be the 64-million-dollar question…

Here at RDZ PR we believe it’s more about how you actually go about your business (and, ultimately, what you want to achieve) rather than what specific products or services you provide.  If we take a look at our client list we don’t see many common market sectors but what we do see are individuals and organisations who have common goals – mostly the desire to succeed and grow rapidly.

We always say that PR is something which an organisation must be 100% committed to.  Whilst we will do the majority of the hard work behind the scenes and use our experience to optimise every activity undertaken, it is essential that the companies we are working with are ‘on board’ with what we, collectively, are trying to achieve – actively ‘doing their bit’ too.

A good, planned PR strategy will aim to put a company in front of their target audience and show them in the very best light possible, but that doesn’t simply mean having a single glitzy event or publicity drive and then sitting back waiting for the ‘phone to ring.  Today’s consumers expect to know more about the credentials and the culture of an organisation or brand before they engage.  That means they want to have an insight into what goes on behind the scenes and need to understand what the company stands for.  If they like what they see and believe that they have enough material upon which to make an informed decision, then a relationship can begin.

In order to effectively reach out to the end user there has to be a sustained campaign of information, delivered in the right places and in the right way to show off the very best features of the company in question – passion, ethics, experience, history – all the things which will make that all-important connection with the audience.  Authenticity is key and illustration of this requires more than just one-off events and more than just one member of the team to be engaging.

So, regardless of whether it is a florist, a steel fabricator, a care home or an international food chain the features which we believe will determine the success of a PR strategy are;

  • Desire to grow
  • Clarity of direction
  • Ambition to succeed
  • Willingness to participate


With these four essential features and a well-matched PR specialist in place the odds of success are stacked very much in favour of a long-term win for everyone concerned.  Whilst we don’t believe that PR should be ‘hard work’ (and can actually be a lot of fun sometimes) we do know that effort is almost always justly rewarded.

If your business has the desire to win but you could do with a little bit of help (and fun) to get you on your way, then get in touch with Rachel on 07976 806578 – let’s share in success!